Trade Show Producers: Four Tips for Hiring Rubbish Bins for Your Event

As an expo producer, if you plan events in hotels and conference centers, the venue typically takes care of any rubbish produced by your event. However, if you are planning an outdoor event, you may need to deal with your own rubbish. Here are four tips to keep in mind:

1. Spread rubbish bins throughout the event.

If you want to avoid litter piling up at your expo, make sure that you spread rubbish bins throughout the event. Hire enough bins so that attendees can easily find one if they need to throw something away. If you are having a multi-day event, you may also want to hire a skip and have your employees empty the small bins throughout the event so they don't get too full.

2. Section off skips from your attendees.

If you hire a skip for your outdoor expo or trade show, place the skip somewhere that it is not accessible to attendees. This keeps your event looking tidy and classy, and it ensures that no one climbs on the skip, gets hurt and tries to hold you liable. Consider hiring temporary fencing to surround the skip in a private area that only your show staff and exhibitors can access as needed.

3. Help your exhibitors deal with their rubbish easily.

Your exhibitors may also have rubbish to deal with throughout the event, and if you want to make that easy for them and you, give each vendor a bin liner before the show, and ask them to haul their rubbish to the larger bins when they have filled up their bags.

In most cases, exhibitors don't have a lot of rubbish -- for example, they may have a bit of paperwork or their personal rubbish (paper cups, etc) -- and because of that, they don't need designated rubbish bins in their booths. The one exception is food vendors -- make sure to hire a rubbish bin to put near their booths, as attendees may need to throw out paper plates, cups or other food waste.

4. Take efforts to reduce rubbish odours.

At an expo, you want your attendees engaging with the vendors and creating positive relationships that will ultimately benefit the exhibitor and have them become repeat exhibitors at your events. To facilitate that relationship, you need to make your event as pleasant and successful as possible, and that includes having an event that smells great.

If you have a skip, keep the lid closed, and try to put it in a shady area to prevent odours from forming and wafting through the crowds. Also, if you hire small bins, make sure to empty them throughout the expo to prevent old food from creating unpleasant odours.

For help deciding how many bins you need and where to place them, work with a local bin hire company.