How to Properly Manage the Skip Bin in Your Commercial Premises

Proper waste management is one of the most important responsibilities in your business. While your customers don't purchase waste, they certainly notice a dirty and disorganised business. This is a turn-off for customers, and it weakens the morale of your employees.

Hiring a skip bin to properly handle your business waste is an important first step. However, once you have the skip bin in place, you also need to properly manage it. This means keeping it clean and ensuring all your waste is properly disposed of. Follow these four simple tips to properly manage your commercial skip.

1.    Positioning is everything

If your skip is placed where employees can't easily access it, developing a waste management plan will be quite challenging. Make sure the skip is close enough to your building, so that workers can easily dump waste and the skip bin company can easily haul it away when full.

2.    Never let the bin overfill

An overflowing skip is an unpleasant site. Overloading also makes the skip bin messy because garbage can easily fall off the skip and onto other areas of your property. And needless to say, an overflowing skip is a safety risk -- especially when being hauled away.

To avoid this challenge, determine how much waste you generate on a weekly basis. This may be through experimenting with different skip bin sizes or by having your employees keep track of how many waste bins they fill up a daily basis.

In fact, knowing how much waste you deal with is an excellent way for you to cut down on wastage. You can then hire a skip bin of appropriate size to avoid overfilling the unit.

3.    Break down larger items to save space

Items such as cardboard boxes, wood and paper products can be broken down into smaller pieces so they can fit in your commercial skip. Rather than simply hauling these items into the container and having them take up unnecessary space, break them down into smaller, more compact pieces for disposal or recycling.

4.    Educate your workers on proper waste management

Lastly, waste management is a team effort. It starts from the newest employee to the CEO of your business. Embrace a culture of proper waste disposal by educating your employees on the proper use of skip bins, indoor garbage bins and recycling. In this way, you will have a much easier time keeping your commercial skip bin organised.