Everything You Need To Know When Hiring Skips

Skip bins are a common sight on many construction sites across the country but that is not the only time they are useful. Often people hire skips when moving, doing a spring cleaning or after major garden renovations. If you have a lot of waste that is too big to put in your regular rubbish collection, then skips are the perfect alternative. For many people hiring skips for the first time, it is a bit of an awkward hurdle to overcome so here are a few tips about what to expect.

Length Of Time

Before you hire any skips you should work out how long you will need it for. After, all you don't want a large skip bin just sitting out the front of your property for weeks on end if you have all the rubbish ready to go. Most skips contractors will rent them out at a quoted rate for days/weeks/months so the quicker you can be finished the better for your back pocket. Some companies won't do same-day delivery/pick-ups so you may have to hold onto it for a few days but most are willing to shorten this period if you can finish quicker. Once you are confident you can get everything you need done in your decided time, you can give them a ring.

What You Can Put In Them

Virtually anything you can put in your regular bins is fine to put into larger skips with a few exceptions. You can also put everything from leftover construction material (bricks, broken tools, nails), garden waste (tree stumps, leaves, twigs, bad mulch), electronics, appliances, chairs, couches, sofas, tables, books, clothes and so on. It will surprise you just how much stuff you didn't know you had when filling up a skip bin full of all your useless items. Make sure to order your placement of rubbish too, otherwise, you might run out of room quickly.

What You Absolutely Cannot Put In Them

Most of the items that a skip hire company won't accept are dangerous items like asbestos or harsh chemicals. These require special disposal that you should contact your local council about. Some stuff that is more common is also not accepted like paint and organic material that would go in compost like peelings and old fruit/vegetables. Basically, anything that would be a massive pain to clean out of the skips after you return them. Paint would stain the sides of the bin, food and organic waste would stink it up and can go rotten while asbestos and batteries are both very dangerous to handle and should be left to professionals. 

For more information, reach out to a skip bin rental company in your area.